Gulenay Group Investment Areas

Real Estate

Gülenay Group which was founded in 2000, has entered to different sectors over the years, especially real estate investments has moved the group to its current state.

Tourism Investments

Lands for hotel construction in Ayvalık Cunda Island and Küçükköy were bought and business development was carried out as a result, the construction project stage was reached.


Our company has 12 years of experience with our representatives in Turkey import, on corrugated fiberboard and metal.

Rossmann france of Ambro has the largest share as paper mill.

Export and Import

Within our company mainly imports and exports paper, cellulose, metal derivatives, and plastic flek/ balot.

Logistics Services

We integrate the intensive raw material trade we import with our international transportation company, OkTrans.

Online Sector Investments

The E-Commerce investment, the infrastructure of which we have prepared before the pandemic, has gained a serious impetus under the conditions of this difficult period, enable to open up new horizons in the sector.

It has gained a significant market share in the online sales sector with the strong brands it works with on the B2B and B2C channels.

Data Analytics and CRM

While the digital world is growing rapidly, the accurate collection, measurement and evaluation of data in this world is also increasing.

Our purpose is to ensure that the products and the services are delivered to the right consumer, through the right channel, with the right price.

For this purpose, while traditional marketing activities are carried out on the one hand, on the other hand, we are trying to reach the consumer from more points by using digital channels.

Financial Consultancy

Since 2015, our company, thanks to its personal background, has been providing consultancy services to leading corporate companies in Turkey, on topics like “Financial Consultancy, Credit Management, Financial Solutions, and Project Finance”

Gülenay Corporate Group

About us

Gülenay Group which was founded in 2000, has entered the real estate sectors over the years, especially real estate investments has moved the group to its current state. While continuing its investments on raw material imports and technology companies, the group is planning to invest in the turism sector soon.

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  • Data Analytics and CRM
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Gülenay Group Companies



Reconstruction structuring and construction investments are made through this company. It manages the real estate portfolio that belongs to us in Turkey, Romania and Ukraine. It has 2 hotel projects around Ayvalık.

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There are investments on “improved lands, industrial warehouse areas, buildings built by us and commercial areas” at homeland and abroad. For more than 20 years, it has been managed in the most optimal way with a stuff that experienced and knows its job well. Although our investments are in Turkey, Romania and Ukraine, we also have investment plans for Montenegro.


Paper Source INC

Our company, which imports and exports raw materials, works on “paper, cellulose, thin plate, steel bar, and galvanized” products. USA, UK, Balkans, Eastern, Central European Regions are the markets we work in. In addition, plastic flek, and balot are imported from the African market.

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Since 2008, our company has experience in international importing and exporting raw material, and cooperates with global brands. By uniting these services with our own logistic company, an integrated service is accomplished.


Paper Source Information Technologies Inc.

CRM Services
Data Analytics and Reporting Services
Product Creation and Implementation
Financial Analytical Consulting Services
Layered Data Systems Management

Since 2015, our company has been providing consultancy on “Data Analytics, Product Development, Financial Consultancy and Solutions “ to the leading corporate companies of Turkey.


OkTrans Transport and Logistics Foreign Trade Limited Company

It provides “International Trade, Supplier, Storage, Handling and Logistics” services by keeping international standards at the highest level with the principle of quality service in the logistics sector.

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It works for the best in the “Warehousing, Land and Sea Transportation” service with its dynamic infrastructure created by adding new formations that it has gained experience with the principle of quality service.

General Manager Tayfun Küçüktüzüner

Oktrans Lojistik Doo

It has a structure that meets the “Logistics and Storage” needs of Ukraine and other countries located in its vicinity.


Online Procurement Services Inc

Online Procurement Services inc., with the online sales models that bring innovation to the sector it has established, carries out the entire process from the production of the products, to the delivery to the last consumer with its back office team.

By integrating brands into the online world under the management of Back Office, provides solution partnership to all the demands of companies with “Storage, Logistics, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Collection, Return Management, and Reporting” services.

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Our Online Investments Continue.

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Gülenay Group, which was founded in 2000, has carried the group to its current position by entering the real sector over the years, especially real estate investments.

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